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Rank Advancements

Rank Advancements show that you've earned core skills and are ready for the next level. Read on how to advance and schedule Scoutmaster conferences and Board of Reviews.

About Rank Advancements

In order to advance, you need to finish all the requirements that are stated in the handbook. Some are explicitly stated, while others require some imagination. If you need help doing these requirements, then contact an older scout or your ASM. 

How to ask for a Scoutmaster conference


Finish all your requirements before requesting a SM conference.


Scout through 1st Class SM conferences can be done by any scoutmaster but it is preferred if you go to your patrol ASM first.  For Star through Eagle, only the Scoutmaster does these SM conferences.


Ask your ASM or SM for a Scoutmaster conference. 


Go to your SM confernece and good luck!

How to ask for a Board of Review


Finish your SM conference first.


Speak to Mr. Nichols for a BoR.


Schedule a date and time for your BoR. You need three adults present for your BoR.


Go to your BoR and good luck!

Notes for SM conference and Board of Reviews

  • Make sure you arrive on time and on the correct date to your SM conference and Board of Review. There are many Scoutmasters who take time out of their day in order to help you advance.

  • Make sure you log all your camping nights and service logs. They will be checked at your Board of Review.

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