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Merit Badges

What are merit badges?

Merit badges are the classic badges on the sash that you've seen scouts earn since the beginning. Merit Badges are awarded after you learn a specific skill, like First Aid or Swimming.

There are 21 eagle-required merit badges, 14 of them are required and 7 of them are of your choosing. In order to start a merit badge, read the list below to get started.

Step 1

Choose your merit badge.

Choose a merit badge based on your interests and requirements. For example, if you finished with your Eagle-required merit badges and you need a merit badge of your choice, choose something that interests you! Make sure to get scoutmaster approval before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2

Email the merit badge coordinator.

Great people have great responsibilities. The merit badge coordinator is in charge of blue cards and merit badge counselors. Email him to get a blue card and a merit badge counselor for your merit badge. Mr. Nettles is the current Merit Badge Coordinator

Step 3

Email your merit badge counselor.

Your merit badge counselor will work with you as you progress on your merit badge. Email them so you know how to get started and what you should do for certain requirements. 

Step 4

Get your blue card signed.

After you finish your merit badge you will present it to the scoutmaster so that it can be signed.  After you get it signed, turn it in and it will be awarded at the next COH. 

Notes before starting

  • Make sure you know your timeline for the merit badge,

    • Some merit badges require a lot of time to complete, mainly because they require you to track something over time.​

    • Make sure you are committed to doing that and contacting your merit badge counselor once you are finished.

  • Do not take shortcuts for your merit badges.

    • If a merit badge asks "Go to a public event", go to the event. The purpose of merit badges are to teach you something new, not to get an easy win. If there is something you cannot do for ethnic or other reasons​, contact your merit badge counselor and discuss an alternative.

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