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How to register for Scouting with Troop 8


Complete the registration online

The link "Scout Registration Online" provides the online registration link needed to register with our troop. Fill out the forms online and then move on to the next steps.


Fill out the forms

Complete the health forms and youth application for BSA. Form C on the health form needs to be filled out by your child's doctor, as this ensures they can go on camping trips. 


Give the forms to Mrs. Wood

Mrs. Wood manages all the registration forms for Troop 8. She will be at the front of the doors where the troop meeting take place.


Sign up for Scoutbook

Scoutbook provides up-to-date events and reminders for our events and other general updates. You can also use this platform to communicate with other scouts, scoutmasters, and parents. *Note: You need an invite from a Scoutmaster to join Scoutbook. If you did not get an invite, email a Scoutmaster for one. 


Get the gear and welcome to scouting!

You can buy Scouting gear at the Scout Store. The address is in the FAQ section. Required gear includes uniform, belt, handbook, and socks.

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