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Adult volunteers

Adult volunteers teach and inspire scouts to become leaders themselves.

Our Current Adult Volunteers

Assistant Scoutmaster for Guardian Patrol

Bill O'Connor

Assistant Scoutmaster for Chupacabras

Arthur Crowley

Assistant  Scoutmaster for Wookies

Michael Roberts

Assistant  Scoutmaster for


Charlie Keith

Richard Bouchard

Assistant  Scoutmaster for

Nuke Squad

David Rosenbaum

Assistant  Scoutmaster for


Eric Knudsen


Kristofer Carlson

Committee Chair

James Bolling

Registration & New Family

Health Form Management

Shelby Smyrl

High Adventure

Richard Conklin


Vikas Bhatnagar

Religious Emblems

Bill Hobbs

How to become an Adult volunteer


Contact the troop using the contact form on the Contacts page. Please express your interest for becoming an adult volunteer and a scout leader will reach out to you soon.


Register as an adult volunteer through the Registration Link on the Registration page.


Talk to Mr. Kennedy or another scout leader about volunteering for a specific area, like volunteering directly for the troop or working with the committee.

How new leaders get involved

Every leader works to make Troop 8 more efficient and enjoyable so each scout gets the same opportunities as others. There are plenty of ways to get involved, but if you are stuck there a few ideas below this. 

  • Volunteer to help with small defined tasks.

  • Ask your Troop Chairman (Mr. Bolling) where they need help.

  • Encourage parents to help.

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